Rosy Beyelschmidt

straight from the horse's mouth · 2021
book pages, serving tray (blue glass with fruit decor), wooden box, cultural donors
camouflage triangular tent, branches, table, binding

... and still we remain friends · 2019
mooring rope, horn, rayon, ca. 160x90 cm

From a Logical Point of View · 2018
pvc, extra white cotton paper, carton, ca. 150x130 cm

Standing in the doorway of cloud nine · 2018
cotton paper, oil pastel, gouache, pigments, acrylemulsion, ca. 123x102 cm
xerograph of a photograph from the series 'Rosy Beyelschmidt - Liverpool, April 1992', 84x119 cm

Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me · 2018
combined pieces of wood, leadlight window, axle stands, wooden crown [wall clock]

DIRTY BLVD. · 2018
polyurethane balancing framework, mirror, glas funnel, silver bell, ca. 120x150x30 cm

a losing one · 2018
industry stool, h 51 cm, pvc Ø 34 cm

C'mon Mr. Smith · 2018
alu-system, cleansing tissue, gouache, pulp moulded paper shoe inserts, ca. 180x105x190 cm

Thorn · 2018
coat hat rack, 3 silver gelatin prints, 2 LP's, felt, wood fragment, gummed, ca. 120x130x10 cm

A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room · 2016
iron frame, blanket, marker, fineart paper, oil pastel, gouache, 3 xerographs, 184,5x155 cm

Cold Day in Hell · 2016
4 photographs, 4 panels, sound

Photo/Sound-Installation, Basement Projects · Liverpool Biennial, GB, 2016

found object, 130x73x27 cm, solilux lamp, red heat lamp light bulb

found objects: pumice, 4 croquet balls, load distributing webbing belt, ca. 150x110 cm

fox fur, book object, wooden case

April Skies · 2015
xerograph/self-portrait, microphone stand, hydropress machine with manchette

a transformation · House Kerp, Cologne, DE, anno 1903, shortly before its demolition in 2015

again and again · 2014
aluminium construction, plywood, pinafore, c-print, ca. 170x65x55 cm

a transformation · House Kerp, Cologne, DE, anno 1903, shortly before its demolition in 2015

wood construction, 11 wooden spring slats, 5 xerographs/self-portraits, ca. 210x80x80 cm

ZOE · 2014
stepladder, porcelain, silver gelatin print

2 photographs, window latch with received gifts , 2 black blackout blinds, Pergamentpapier

Kunststation St. Klara, Regensburg, DE, 2014

Catalogue: Gegenüberstellung - Brücke zwischen Sichtbarem und Unsichtbarem, Regensburg, DE, 2014, ISBN 978-3-7954-2895-2

found objects, sawed up church pews, ca. 300x250 cm

shift · 2014

Interventions in the district 'Berlin-Lichtenberg' residency program · Lichtenberg Studios, DE · 2014

‘shift’ is a continuation of interventions carried out in Liverpool and London in cooperation with the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, and The Institution of Rot, London

‘shift’ brings together the interventions and works that I carried out in Lichtenberg. Between ecology and prefabricated tower blocks, I found locations that said something to me 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I worked with found materials and met a number of friendly Lichtenberg residents who allowed me to work and implement my ideas in their surroundings. I would like to thank them for their help!

One of my found objects was a head of cabbage that I came across one night in the gutter in front of a greengrocer’s shop and which I took home with me. It expressed its thanks to me in the form of its very own beauty for a number of days until it finally gave my nose a signal that it wanted to be buried in natural surroundings in the park across the street. The cabbage was able to follow the festivities to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on television, but somehow things went downhill for it after that.

The Heaven Is With You · 2014
shift - Interventions at the Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, DE, 11.-18. Nov. 2014

Sunday Morning 7:37 · 2014
found objects: limestone, spray paint, reinforcement fabric, tape, paperclips, ca. 110x80 cm

shift - Interventionen at the Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, DE, 11.-18. Nov. 2014

Infamous Angel · 2014
found objects: car windows, pallet, ca. 230x100x70 cm

temporary variations · MB MAIER, Berlin, DE
shift - Interventionen in Berlin-Lichtenberg, 11.-18. Nov. 2014

host [0110.0101] · 2013
30 silver gelatin prints with white data carriers in jewel cases, ca. 80x80 cm

safety glass with fingerprints, wire hangers, rubber hose

play yard, 2 bells, rolls, wooden block, photo painting on face veneer, ca. 160x160 cm

alle die da fallen · 2012
leather carry case, silver gelatin print, gouache, charcoal

Wooden Ships · 2011
silver gelatin print, ca. 170x140 cm, oil pastel, white chalk, conductor's baton

What I Lost, What I Found · 2009
2 photographs, oil pastel, book, shoe polish paints, gouache, helper, ca. 250x250 cm

Afterglow · 2009
4 photographs, oil pastel, shoe polish, shinai, wooden bottle crate

Midnight to Six · 2009
linoleum parquet, 2 photographs, pigments, oil pastel, gouache, black photo cardboard, 103x163 cm

Broken Day · 2008
4 photographs, oil pastel, vanilla, pigments, ca. 80x180 cm

zwei Leben davor · 2008
L’Invitation au voyage

3 photographs, oil pastel, shoe polish, ca. 170x200 cm

Embers · 2008
3 photographs, oil pastel, white chalk, black paper, oil pastel, ca. 240x220 cm

Energieaustausch · 2008
4 photographs, oil pastel, white chalk, ca. 130x200 cm

Galerie Maximilian Krips, Cologne, DE, 2015

IdiotenTraum · 2007
photograph, oil pastel, shoe polish, branches, object, signal tape

prometheus rides again · 2007
photographs, oil pastel, nitro-pigment-prints, black laid paper, cardboard packaging, branch, ca. 150x85x72 cm

Distance · 2007
3 photographs, oil pastel, white chalk, ca. 200x200 cm

behind the garden · 2006
6 photographs, oak root, hangers, ca. 190x110 cm

B E S T kunstraum, Essen, DE, 2007

Standing outside · 2006
15 wooden rungs, 2 silver gelatin prints, ca. 110x130 cm

Das Echo des Privaten · 2004
5 silver gelatin prints, oil pastel, wine glasses, corrugated paper, 250x50 cm

The Ape and the Child · 2000
room a:
Photography, cardboard box, photograph linen, horns, salt

room room b:
4 photographs, horse tails, pigments, tar

Basement Gallery, Liverpool, in cooperation with the Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, GB

plastic bags, photographs, oil pastel, carton, marker, tape, ca. 110x250 cm

The Institution of Rot, London, GB · 1999

Everything You Want to Know! · 1999
deadwood, moss-covered, artificial light, generator

nordic art centre, Dale i Sunnfjord/N · 1999
scholarship: NACD/nkd (Norwegian Ministry of/nkd Culture), Dale i Sunnfjord/Norway

factory building of the Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG, Cologne, D

Harry · 1992
Play it for Harry, Play it for me - Play it!

24 photographs, 4 wooden boxes, 4 fan's, control unit

Galerie Münsterland, Emsdetten, DE, 1994

displacements · 1992
Cake Shop Gallery, Liverpool, in Kooperation mit der Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, GB

My Souls go shopping · 1992
photograph, 7 hot-plates, photograph linen

Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, GB · 1992

Pandoras Box · 1988
copier freezed, refrigerating machine, typewriter desk, 2 photographs, á 210x109 cm, 11 newspaper sticks, 11 photographs á 210x109 cm cut into lengths of a newspaper

Mediale Hamburg, DE · 1993